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Le Marche

le marche

Whenever you read a description of the Italian region of Le Marche, the description normally starts like this… “a region in the center of Italy which extends to the Adriatic sea…” if you think it is enough to read such a cold description of our beautiful region then you should read no further, but if you want to read about the green fields, the mountains, the perfumes, the flavours and a whole lot more, then follow us in this visit of Le Marche.

Set your imagination free ….

hills to the beach

When you first arrive in Le Marche you have the sensation of landing on a luminous point of the world not only because the marvellous sun rises here every morning but also because the colours and the shapes of its landscapes can increase the exposure of even the most grey light of a dull and rainy autumn day. The golden rays of the sun bounce on the sea and move across the ground in a soft dance that rises and winds its way along the bright wheat fields that soar up to the mountains to take the sun to its evening sleep.

beautiful fields

The Le Marche colour palette is rich and sparkling, never dull, the fields are harvested and the yellows of the wheatfields crosses the greens and browns of the vineyards and the olive groves, mixing along the way with the red rich coloured earth of the region.

From the sea to the top of the mountains, Le Marche shows all the various assets of the region which along with their beauty can capture your senses.

From the North to the South along the entire coast you can find a mix of beautiful sand and stony beaches. The sea is crystal clear and is indented and jagged in the Conero area but becomes quite linear towards Civitanova Marche and San Benedetto with its famous seafront which is rich with palms trees.

The towns along the coast offer all the infrastructures for your days spent on the beach, you can find everything you desire and there are restaurants and hotels that offer delicious fresh fish and great hospitality.


Between the sea and the Appennini Mountains, is a long belt with soft and winding hills, the colours of the land and the perfumes of its fruits will inundate you: olive groves and orchards, crops, sunflowers, wheat, maize and much more....nothing is missing in this region.

You can find many agritourismos where you could sample the tastes of our produce and typical dishes of our land. Try our wines, or our olive oil both of which are renowned all around the world, as well as all of the other fresh seasonal produce that enrich our tables everyday.

san benedetto

The Appennini chain, with its evergreen tree forests helps to defend Le Marche from strong weather. The peaks are not very high and for this reason, they are lovable. On some of them during the winter it is possible to ski and if you like to walk or bike ride there are easy and difficult routes that can satisfy even the most demanding hikers and cyclists.

beautiful views

Le Marche inhabitants are hard workers, our territory is also rich in industries and commercial activities that have been able to develop without upsetting the landscape therefore making it more rich and various.

Each town continues toward the other in a perfect balance between hills and coast, our culture is still people friendly and even in the bigger towns we still meet after dinner for a walk or to catch up.

All around us there are small ancient villages in which the center is always restructured to underline a more human way of life. The rhythm is slow and small daily gestures renew ancient rituals.

view of the mountains

In Le Marche you can find everything you are looking for: history, art, culture and fun.

There is an incredible number of ancient monuments, churches (millions), castles, ancient palaces, museums. There are also beaches, lakes and woods and of course there are many restaurants, agritourismos, pubs and every kind of nightlife you might want....

Le Marche is a delicate region, never to be taken for granted, welcoming and never boring. It will surprise you with its politeness and it will enchant you forever.

Oddly enough in the case of one of our greatest poets of all time, the “Marchegiano” Giacomo Leopardi ,who after overlooking the hill of Recanati, wanted to dedicate one of his most beautiful poems ‘L’infinito’ because infinitity is a thing that moves under your eyes if you look at our wonderful landscapes.