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Ecology - Bio Building


Marche-Casa has established solid relationships with the best companies within the construction and renovation sector whilst being respectful to the environment and its natural beauty. In wanting to support and continue with tradition, we have actively researched both the techniques and technologies tied to the modern innovation of Bio building.


We can offer you the ability of constructing or renovating your home following all of the regulations dictated by Bio building, whilst keeping an eye on the economic advantages that in time will benefit both you and the environment.

What is bio-building and what does it involve?

Not meaning to over simplify the definition, practically speaking Bio building is a branch of building that studies, plans and minimises the carbon footprint of a building.

Taking advantage of materials and eco-compatible sources and creating the ability to build and enhance a healthy atmosphere that through time will also have a positive impact on your budget, health and the environment in the longer term.

Why is it important to take advantage of these techniques?


Today it is important for us all to consider how we can conserve energy and be aware of how our energy usage can impact on the environment. It is therefore fundamental to think about how to consume less energy and think about how we might employ renewable energy sources.

With this goal in mind, it is possible to plan your own environment so that it will contain less heat dispersion and maintain its own atmosphere with mechanical ventilations, under floor heating, self condensing boilers, improved insulations and the use of efficient appliances with ( A+ and A+ + classes) amongst many other energy efficient approaches.

Much importance is also placed on the reuse of water through irrigation systems, the use of renewable energy through solar panels for hot water generation and/or the generation of electricity.

The positioning of the house is also important so that over time it can make better use of day light for solar heat and not using non eco compatible materials from oil etc. such as chemicals, varnishes and glass etc. Bio building takes all of these features and more into consideration and is a more eco friendly way to build your dream home.

Using ECO friendly materials


To Bio build can in the short term prove economically more expensive but through time the additional costs are recuperated from the savings made on bills.